R. S. Williams, PE

Steve Williams was with Texas Electric Service Company (TESCo) 30 years and joined MALONEY ASSOCIATES CONSULTING ENGINEERS Inc. in March 1993. He received a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering in 1963 from The University of Texas, Austin. He became registered as an Electrical Engineer in Texas in 1968.

He has 30 years varied experience with one of the most respected electric utilities, nationally and internationally. Williams was Manager of Electrical Distribution for the Arlington District during a period of rapid growth where 50 12.5 kv distribution feeders were added. Most recently while with TESCo he managed the Electrical Distribution System for American Airlines' Alliance Maintenance Base. Williams and MALONEY ASSOCIATES CONSULTING ENGINEERS worked together on this project.

Williams has managed and engineered projects at MALNEY ASSOCIATES CONSULTING ENGINEERS including:

 -Upgrade Paint Spray Booth, Fort Hood

- Modernize Housing (Add Air Conditioning, Upgrade Electrical), Pecos Housing Authority

- Remodel Poxon Transient-Family Guest House, Fort Hood

- Upgrade Electrical Distribution, Randolpf AFB and Laughlin AFB.

# Southwest Airlines Additions and Alterations, Baltimore-Washington International, Tampa International.